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Day 9: Mumbai to Jaipur!

Updated: May 14

Welcome back everyone! Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog so far because we are having the best time in India! Today we woke up bright and early to catch our flight to Jaipur from Mumbai. The plane was only around 2 hours but we had a blast as we all sat next to each other! 

When we arrived in Jaipur, we met up with our tour guide Ali who will accompany us on the rest of the trip. He took us to our giant tour bus that is way too big for the 10 of us! (Lots of space to spread out!) We drove to our hotel and were amazed at how beautiful it was! 

Since we had a long travel day, we rested outside until dinner and some people enjoyed the hotel pool. Since we were heading somewhere nice, we decided to dress up and take pictures at dinner so we had lots of fun getting ready together! Dinner was delicious and we are looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful city tomorrow!

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