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Alternative Spring Break

The past four years, SWE members have traveled to Chicago, IL to do engineering outreach at the Lindblom Math and Science Academy.


In March 2022, we interacted with about 800 students and 20 teachers. We ran engineering activities in the computer science, math, and engineering classes, and also talked about college with the high school seniors. It is a great opportunity to inspire girls and other underrepresented minorities to pursue higher education in STEM, as well as explore a new city and make a group of friends in SWE!


Our goals were to educate the students about engineering and college and engage the students in participating. We created engineering activities related to different majors for students to explore how engineering design works and see the application of different engineering majors. Additionally, we created presentations about different engineering majors, project teams, and college life in general. The presentations helped students learn more about opportunities at the University of Michigan and about specific majors, such as classes and future career industries. To engage the students in participating, we included interactive portions, such as posing discussion questions. We also walked around to check in and ask about their progress and help if anyone was unsure of the next step or was stuck. Additionally, we made sure to state we were open to answering questions about the activity, college, majors, classes, pretty much anything about college/engineering. In our presentations, we added relevant information so that students could have more specific questions to think of if they were interested. ​


If you are interested, consider applying for spring break 2023.


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