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ASB 2019: Travel to Chicago!

We met up at noon at the Art & Architecture parking lot. It was a struggle to get the luggage to fit in our two vans, but we eventually made it work and headed out, excited for the trip ahead of us. On the road, we passed time by sleeping, talking, reading, watching tv shows, and listening to too much Ariana Grande on the radio. It was nice getting to know more about each other and just having a moment to relax after a busy first half of the semester. At some point, it started snowing, and we got stuck in traffic because of a car accident on the highway.

Pre Departure Car Selfie From Car 1
Pre Departure Car Selfie From Car 1

We finally arrived in Chicago at around 5pm CST and checked into our hotel. After unpacking, we joined ASB-C in the lobby for a joint dinner at Lou Malnati’s (mispronouced by our group as Luminate)

Pre Departure Car Selfie from Car 2
Pre Departure Car Selfie from Car 2

, a Chicago-style pizza restaurant. Here comes our first mishap of the trip -- one of our vans arrived at the wrong Lou Malnati’s! We didn’t realize there were multiple locations, so we quickly drove back to meet the rest of the group. At Lou Malnati’s, we ordered tons of delicious deep-dish pizza and pasta. We were pretty ambitious with the amount of pizza we ordered, but luckily, we had refrigerators in our hotel rooms to save the leftovers for lunch the next day. After dinner, we drove to Walmart to pick up snacks, lunches for the week, and last-minute materials. We ended our day by meeting to plan out our activities for the next day and then getting some well-deserved sleep.

Candid shot of planning meeting
Planning Meeting

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