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Tuesday, March 3rd: Second Day at Lindblom

Today was our second day of activities at Lindblom High School! Once again, we woke up bright and early to make lunch, eat breakfast, and head out to Lindblom. On the way to Lindblom, we listened to Gabe and Nina on the radio and became a little too invested in Nina’s story about losing her keys. We had a couple new activities for today, including designing and building a prosthetic hand with limited materials and building a radio. We had some very creative ideas for the prosthetic hand activity, ranging from creative team names to very functional and aesthetic hands. We and the teachers were very amused by one hand that technically followed the rules but functioned more like an oven mitt than a prosthetic hand. After school, the robotics team showed us their robot for the competition on Thursday, and we did a quick college panel with the robotics students.

Annabel modeling one of the prosthetic hands.

One of the successful and more realistic hands built!

As we were leaving Lindblom, we realized we left Hannah behind, while she was in the bathroom. We were quick to realize this once she messaged us, and she joined the sedan gang for the rest of the day. We decided to go directly downtown to a ramen restaurant, called the Furious Spoon. The van was quickly able to find street parking and parallel park. However, in the sedan, nobody could parallel park, and we spent at least an hour driving around downtown looking for a reasonably priced parking garage. We were all impressed with Emily’s downtown Chicago driving skills. 

At the Furious Spoon, the restaurant accidentally gave us an extra bowl of ramen (maybe they knew SWEet Caroline wanted some). There was also a bakery nearby with adorable cupcakes, and Katie bought one for Nina for her birthday the next day. After dinner, the van members went to Walgreens to buy Nina a card and gift for her birthday, while the sedan members went to a different Walgreens to buy Nick and Bryan thank you cards. 

SWEet Caroline loved her meal at the Furious Spoon!

After getting back to the hotel, exhausted after a long day, we did a quick reflection and put together a list of topics the Lindblom students might ask about during the Q&A tomorrow. 

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