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Monday, March 2nd: First Day at Lindblom

It’s our first day at Lindblom! We woke up bright and early to pack our lunches, eat breakfast, and drive to Lindblom. It can be confirmed that no one misses how early we had to wake up while in high school. We had many activities for today: zipline, straw bridges, straw rockets, shark tank app design. The students were very creative for their team names! We were also impressed with the student’s creativity in the activities, especially with the wide range of app ideas for the shark tank activity and finding loopholes in the rules for the zipline activity by incorporating even the scissors into the zipline capsules. 

One of the team’s straw bridges

After our first day at the high school we drove back to the hotel to unwind for a bit before heading to dinner. We decided on going to Eataly for dinner (don’t ask how much Bryan paid for parking). On the way to Eataly, the sedan got lost in the tunnels below Chicago, leaving Anezka traumatized from driving.

We ate at La Pizza & La Pasta restaurant inside Eataly. While waiting for our food to arrive, some of us looked around the store and marketplace and did a little photoshoot with SWEet Caroline. At dinner we discovered that Annabel is scared of SWEet Caroline’s beautiful, lopsided eyes. After dinner we had to stop by Eataly’s Gelato Bar for a SWEet treat. On the way back to the hotel, Anjana accidentally led Emily the wrong way on the one way street, resulting in Emily firing Anjana as navigator.

We were amused by the Eataly workers’ shirts (even though Anjana is clearly not Italian)

SWEet Caroline living her best life! (it’s a good thing she isn’t lactose intolerant)

Once we got back to the hotel we had our reflection on the day, discussing ways to improve for the next day and prepping our materials for tomorrow. We finished off the night by watching this week’s episode of the Bachelor (Women Tell All) with some chocolate Bryan bought us from Eataly.

SWEet Caroline with Nina and Annabel before watching the Bachelor

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