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Wednesday, March 4th: Last Day at Lindblom

Today is our last day at Lindblom. :( On the drive to Lindblom, we discovered that Nina (radio host) did locate her keys, but her Uber driver is refusing to return them unless she gives him Justin Bieber concert tickets! 

At Lindblom, we did college Q&A sessions during the senior seminars. It was very cool to see that some of the students remembered us and told us they had fun doing the activities from the previous two days. We also pretended to be FIRST Robotics judges and grilled the robotics team about their robot in preparation for the competition tomorrow. A Lindblom alum who is also currently studying at Michigan joined us today too. During our lunch break, Annabel and Anjana discovered that they were aggressive darts players, while the rest of the ASB members played cards. Before saying our final goodbyes to Lindblom, we took a group picture in which Bryan showed off his best sorority squat. 

Group Picture at Lindblom

We went to Portillo’s for dinner today, at the suggestion of many of the Lindblom students. We were very excited about the chocolate cake shake, but ended up being disappointed by it. We did enjoy the sandwiches and fries though! After dinner, we surprised Nina with her card and gifts before heading back to the hotel. 

After returning back to the hotel, we did a quick reflection on our time at Lindblom and went through the agenda for our free day. Emily and Anjana stayed up late coming up with punny paper plate awards for all of the ASB members (including SWEet Caroline) and showed up their art “skills” (i.e. tracing out pictures from Emily’s computer skills). 

SWEet Caroline’s Paper Plate Award

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