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Day 13: Exploring Delhi!

Today was our only full day in Delhi, so we tried to see as much of it as possible! We started off our day with a tour of a Mosque, which was very beautiful.

We then took cycling Rickshaw’s down the streets of Delhi where we could see a local market that had a ton to offer! We walked through the market to a spice shop where the store employee showed us how they ground spices to make teas and explained certain spices unique to India. After smelling some amazing tea combinations, we continued to walk and see the different offerings of the city.

Next, we headed over to the Sikh temple, which was so beautiful. We weren’t allowed to take pictures (below is a picture of us walking out), but there was so much gold, white marble, and pink accessories. We sat down in the temple with the other people there worshipping, and it was very cool to experience that. 

On our way there, we drove past the India Gate, which was also cool to see.

After a quick lunch at a nice restaurant, we headed over to the Lotus Temple, which is a Bahá’í house of worship. It was so beautiful and almost reminded us of the opera house in Sydney. We stood in a long line to go inside, but it was worth it. The inside of the temple was so beautiful, and we sat for a while with other worshippers (but we weren’t allowed to take pictures sadly).

After a few hours of rest time, we took electric Rickshaws to a fast food restaurant that served classic Indian street foods! We loved trying all the different items and enjoyed laughing (probably too loud) about all the memories we have made over the past 2 weeks. We will be so sad to say bye tomorrow!

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1 Comment

May 17


What a marvelous 2 week trip to India I was able to take vicariously thanks to you. I can tell how much you enjoyed the adventure and how much was learned from the different regions, the people and the culture even in this short time.

I know all you girls left a positive mark on your students and vice versa.

Thanks for bringing me along.


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