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Day 11: Jaipur to Agra!

Updated: May 15

This morning we left Jaipur, which was very sad, but we were so excited to get to Agra!

We had a 4 hour bus ride ahead of us, but we stopped on the way at Fatehpur Sikri on the way. It was a beautiful city made of red sandstone buildings, and it was very interesting to hear the history about the Mughal emperor living there. Since it was very hot as we went during the peak of the day, we just did a short tour and headed back on the bus.

We stopped for a quick buffet lunch at a beautiful restaurant, and everything was so delicious!

Finally, we arrived in Agra and checked into our hotel, which was very nice! There was even a dog in the lobby named Waldo!

After relaxing at the hotel for a bit, we headed over to the gardens behind the Taj Mahal for sunset. It was so beautiful and not that many people were there so it wasn’t touristy and overcrowded!

We only spent a few minutes at the Taj Mahal tonight because we’re going again to the front of it tomorrow at sunrise, which we are very excited for. 

Next, we went to dinner at a rooftop restaurant which was so cool! There was a DJ and we all danced for a bit after eating. We got the DJ to play one of the Indian songs from our dance performance at BCA and we all danced along to it! 

Overall, it was a very fun day and we are so excited to wake up bright and early to see the Taj Mahal again tomorrow!

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