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Sunday, March 1st: Travel to Chicago

We’re so excited to be a part of SWEet Caroline’s first trip to Chicago! We began the day with a Central Campus pick up at the League and then went to North Campus to pick up Sarah and Bryan in his all-Michigan swag outfit. When we opened the trunk of the van all of the popsicle sticks and a fan for our planned activities fell out of the trunk. After cleaning up the supplies and shoving all of our activity supplies and luggage in the cars we headed out.

Ann Arbor had beautiful weather so we were a little disappointed about having to spend the next few hours in the car instead of outside enjoying it. Once on the road, members passed the time by sleeping, talking, reading, and listening to a collaborative playlist (with maybe too much Khalid if that’s possible). During the trip we took a break in Michigan City for lunch at Wendy’s.

Thanks to the good weather we were able to make good time without much traffic. After checking in, we took some time to unpack and relax before heading out to dinner at Lou Malnati’s, a Chicago pizzeria well known for their deep dish pizza. Here we also drank water from Lake Michigan! Afterwards we drove to a local Walmart to pick up some snacks and lunches for the week. We ended our day by organizing our supplies and preparing for the next day’s activities. We’re so excited to expose, educate, and hopefully inspire the students to explore STEM, share our engineering knowledge and skills through ASB, and spread SWE’s values! Hopefully, some of these students decide to pursue engineering at Michigan in the future. 

SWEet Caroline resting up for the week ahead of her

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