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First Day of Camp!!

We started off with a breakfast of hardboiled eggs, sweet bread and sausage with coffee and tea.

After walking over to the engineering campus, we found a temporary room to host orientation.

We kicked off the camp with introductions followed by an icebreaker where everyone would answer a question by shouting and then form groups with those who had the same response. To finish this icebreaker, we ended with everyone individually answering the question “why did you come to camp?”

Then we went into a reflection activity on the way that our identities impact the way we see ourselves and the way others see us as it pertains to our studies and our daily lives.

After lunch of dry rice and chicken, we started our workshop on group learning styles where each of us discussed our preferred method of learning either through visual, verbal, aural, physical or logical communication. Using our identified learning styles, we had to work as a group to arrange a series of pictures with each person limited to communicate with their preferred way of learning where visual learners drew pictures, verbal learners speak to describe the image, aural learners had to sing, physical learners had to act it out, logical learners had to only ask questions.

We continued to use our group learning styles to describe a process or subject that was related to the majors of each member of the group. Some groups came up with processes for asphalt production, gold extraction and even a refining process from minerals to toothpaste! The activity was eye opening for many of the students as we were able to learn from each other and see how each of our majors are interconnected.

Later after dinner, LSWE led an informational session about the organization along with some fun camp activities of icebreakers, singing and dancing. There were many surprises for the UM students with many more to come.

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