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Day 8: Back in Mumbai!

Today we had a full day in Mumbai, and we really took advantage of it- we did so many fun activities. We started off the day getting breakfast at a cute cafe and everything was so delicious!

Next, we met our tour guide and headed over to the Gateway of India to get on a boat.

We booked a tour of the Elephant Caves, which included a guide, a ferry to and from the island, and a tour of the caves. The ferry over to the island was about an hour, and the breeze felt so nice after being so hot.

When we arrived on the island, our guide was so kind and talked to us about the history of the island (it was actually his hometown too)! We walked up so many steps up the mountain to get to the caves, and by the time we made it to the top we were all dripping sweat. It was so hot on the island but the views were worth it! The guide took us into the caves and showed us multiple temples and sculptures, explaining the history and significance of each one.

Everything was so beautiful and we learned so much about the history of the island and the caves! We also saw so many monkeys that were very cute but a little scary. One of them we even saw drinking a can of coke!

After the caves tour was over, we headed back down to the boat and stopped at some market shops on the way. Then, we took the ferry back to Mumbai and went straight to lunch. Everything at the restaurant was so delicious! Next, we walked over to a bookstore which was very cool and some people bought books while others explored the store.

After leaving the bookstore, we headed over to the Hanging Garden in Mumbai and walked through the beautiful gardens. There were so many pretty flowers and trees and you could see the city skyline behind everything- it was all so amazing!

Next, we went to the viewing deck across the street from the park to see an incredible view of the city. We could see the entire city and beach from up there and it was so breathtaking.

We went back to the Colaba street markets and found so many things- the shopping in the market is great and so cheap! Then, we got dressed up and went to the main city part of Mumbai to go to a nice restaurant on the rooftop of a hotel. It was such a cool restaurant with a great view of the city.

Even the bathroom had a view of the city!

It was our last day in Mumbai and we are sad to leave, but stay tuned for the other cities in the rest of our trip!!

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1 Comment

Brad Peterson
Brad Peterson
May 12

So funny to see the monkey drinking a coke!

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