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Day 7: Walchandnagar to Mumbai

Today we left BCA and Walchandnagar, and it was very sad. We started the morning off bright and early at 6 am with more dance practice for our final performance. Then we headed over to BCA after breakfast for the Valedictory Function. It was a beautiful ceremony- some teachers sang for us, students and Principal Sir gave speeches, and we performed our dance and the UMich Victors chant. We got so emotional at the speeches- BCA has been such a meaningful part of our lives this past week and we will take this experience with us forever. One of the students said that the BCA family is around 1500 people and after this week, it grew to 1510 (because of the 10 of us there). This comment brought tears to all of our eyes, because we did truly feel like family. Everyone was so kind, welcoming, and generous, and we are so grateful to have met everyone and had this experience.

After long exchanges of gratitude, we piled into the bus and headed on our 3 hour drive to Pune train station. The bus ride was a great time to nap for most of us! After arriving at Pune, the teachers helped us find our train and load our luggage. We waved a sad final goodbye and headed to Mumbai. The train ride was so beautiful and we were surprised to see all of the mountains and scenery that India has to offer. To keep us entertained we played card games and shared funny stories! 

After arriving in Mumbai, we ubered back to our original hostel and quickly changed for a late night dinner. So excited for our adventures tomorrow!

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