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Day 5: Cheers... to the weekend!

It was the team’s first day off with no workshops to lead and we decided to have some fun. After a nice morning of sleeping in, we had a final pow wow session with the undergrad campers taking our final selfies and a group picture. We said ‘goodbye for now’ to all the campers, but luckily, we will see them in one week at the networking dinner!

Then we wanted to explore Monrovia, so we made the drive to the markets. The constant downpour didn’t stop us, we found ways around the puddles on the streets by hopping into little taxis called kekes.

While shopping, everyone picked out some Lappars—traditional yards of fabric with beautiful bright patterns—which we will turn into shirts, dresses and skirts so that we could bring a little piece of Liberia home with us.

We were all exhausted after a day of walking around, so we ended the day with a full night of sleep getting ready for the next day of adventures!

- Kira

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