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Day 3: Day 1 @ BCA!

Welcome back! We are so excited to share about our first day in Walchandnagar and at BCA! The morning started with the greatest welcome from all of the teachers and students in front of the school and an introduction to all of our SWIndia participants. We then moved to our first Mechanical Engineering presentation on building Trebuchets. The students were split into rooms and used chopsticks, tape, rubber bands, and paper clips to build their own Trebuchets and launch a projectile. Our SWE participants were shocked at the levels of creativity and teamwork that we saw! We then moved into discussing a few other engineering disciplines including NAME, CAD, and AERO. A highlight of the day was teaching some of the students how to play American Football during their lunch break! After lunch, we taught about the steps to apply to colleges in the US including SAT/ACT type questions. To practice, we played Jeopardy and the students loved the competition! 

We headed back to our guesthouse for some rest time and lunch before getting ready to go back to the school at 3pm. After returning, we were able to spend time with the teachers where Aubrey gave a presentation on the University of Michigan and different aspects of American college including athletics, clubs, academic rigor, Greek life, and more. Each of us shared our favorite UMich experience with the teachers which they loved to hear about! Next, the Principal of BCA shared more about the school including history, academics, and future goals. It was great to hear about the similarities and differences that existed and share questions that we had. 

The rest of the evening included a chill dinner and rest time where some of our friends napped, some played football, and some had awesome bonding time. Can’t wait for the next few days of our activities and getting to know the students better!

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