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Day 2: Mumbai to Walchandnagar

Hey Everyone! SWIndia 2024 had an exciting travel day as we left Mumbai bright and early this morning to catch our train to Pune! The train took about 4 hours but was very scenic so we got to see many different parts of India that we otherwise wouldn’t have!

After arriving in Pune, we met up with some teachers from Bharat's Children's Academy (BCA) who graciously drove us the remaining 2 hours to Walchandnagar. Of course, we had to stop at McDonald’s to try the different menu items and get some of our American favorites.

As we arrived at BCA, we got the best welcome from the faculty and staff with fresh flowers hand delivered to each of us. After settling in, we met with the principal to go over our plan and prepare for our first day in the school. We were given a delicious assortment of American and Indian foods for dinner along with some of the best mango ever! That's all for today but we are looking forward to meeting the students tomorrow and sharing our first engineering presentations!

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Brad Peterson
Brad Peterson
07 mai

Love the posts! Keep them coming!

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