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Day 2: Moving and Grooving!

In our morning session, Maya led the group with a presentation on outreach planning, strategic planning, funding, and goal setting. As a group we practiced giving an elevator pitch about L-SWE to help make more connections and find potential partnerships at the networking dinner next week.

In the afternoon, Kira balled out and got the party started with a speaker activity. The students were given a cup, copper coil, and magnets to make a DIY speaker and were taught about the physics concepts behind how a speaker works. We were able to play all of our favorite tunes on the speaker. Even SWEet Caroline approved of the jams.

To round out the day, Kira and Kori presented the background for a case study on the sustainability of mining in Liberia. Mining is one of the main industries in Liberia and there are many unanswered questions surrounding the sustainability of the practices being used. Over the next few days, the students will read articles and do research on current mining practices and the issues associated with them before presenting possible solutions.

After dinner, we relaxed after a long day by watching a movie as a group.

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