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Day 1: DTW to BOM

India here we come!! We are so excited to be participating in the SWIndia trip this year and take you guys along with us! We will be teaching STEM outreach to students at Bharat's Children's Academy in Walchandnagar, India, as well as visiting Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi! The trip is scheduled to take place from 3rd May to 18th May 2024. Follow along our blog to see our adventures in India!

Our day started off at 3am on Friday as we headed to the Detroit airport. Our first flight to Newark was delayed two hours and we were so worried that we would miss our connecting flight to India. Thankfully, after sprinting off the plane and through the Newark airport, we made it onto our next plane. The flight was 15 hours, but it went by pretty quickly because we slept for most of it.

After a quick uber to our hostel, we unwinded and began to explore Mumbai with pit stops at the Gateway of India and a local market. Our long day made us hungry so we got dinner at a local restaurant where we tried some very spicy momo! Afterwards, we decided to explore more markets and some of our spontaneous friends even got their ears pierced at a local shop!

Tomorrow, we will be waking up bright and early to take a train to Pune and then a car ride to Walchandnagar. We are super excited to meet all the students and teach them about engineering through fun and engaging activities we have planned!

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1 Comment

Alison Brei
Alison Brei
May 05

Love seeing this blog again, good luck with the rest of your trip!

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