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ASB 2019: Good-Bye to Lindblom

Last day at Lindblom! We were sad to be arriving for our last day at school, but excited and motivated to make sure that the kids had amazing activities and experiences for our last day there. We ran many Q&A sessions throughout the day, answering questions about the college experience, life on campus, and our favorite parts about UMich.

Group picture in purple ASB shirts in the classroom
Group picture in our ASB shirts

Today, we introduced a new activity, the Pinhole Camera for the 7th graders. It went really well! Most of them got it to work and also had the opportunity to test their cameras in their greenhouse. We also got to see the high schoolers mentor groups of 4th and 5th graders towards the end of the day. This time, the high schoolers ran the activity, which was a modified version of our web design activity. We ended the day with a joint celebratory dinner with ASB-C at the Grand Lux Cafe in downtown Chicago. We told Lindblom’s admissions representative Bryan, about our SWPuns. Lauren demonstrated SWPuns in use by constantly SWPunning for 10 minutes, to which he replied, “There are very few times I’m speechless, this is one of them”.

Screenshot of groupchat with everyone changing their names to have a SW-prefix
Everyone in the groupchat got SWE pun fever!

Afterward, we went to Walmart again! We got snacks. Bryan went to the wrong Walmart, which was a great balance to when we went to the wrong Lou Malnati's. We went back to the hotel and had a final reflection in the room, and gave shoutouts to the students and teachers on the trip who really made the experience so enjoyable. Thank you to Lindblom for allowing us to come and share our experiences with you, and we hope that you had as much fun as we did!

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