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ASB 2019: First Day at

First day at the school! We woke up bright and early to eat breakfast, pack our lunches, and prepare to drive over to Lindblom. It was a hectic morning after several of us woke up late, so we rushed out the door as quickly as we could. 10 minutes into driving, we realized we left a box of materials in the hotel lobby! Not wanting to waste any more time, we dropped everyone off at the school to meet the teachers and set up for the first activities. Simrun and Joyce drove back to pick up the materials during first period. The rest of the day went pretty well, and the students seemed to enjoy the activities

They were also enthusiastic in asking us questions about college. Later that night, we had dinner at Sushi Taku. It was Anezka’s first time eating sushi!

Group picture at sushi dinner
Sushi Dinner!

Finally, back at the hotel, we met to plan out the new activities for the next day and reflect on what happened today.

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