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ASB 2019: Egg-cellent Ideas

Today, after making sure that we had all of the materials, we went back to Lindblom for our second day! We got ourselves organized at the school, and then split up into groups to start our activities, which included a new one -- Crash Safety! It was a lot of fun to watch the students design ways to prevent injuries while crashing, and we got to simulate it to see if their inventions could prevent an egg from cracking.

Crash safety device with red cup and cotton balls
The eggg crash activity had students trying to protect the egg with limited materiasl

Very long device made from pencils and a red cup that stops the car from moving
One of the more creative solutions-If the device prevents the car from moving, the egg can't crack!

We also got the chance to answer some more questions about college life and our experiences today, and it was fun to be able to share some of the insights that we’ve learned from college to the students at Lindblom. After school, we went to Te’Amo, a boba shop, where we all got to try different and cool types of boba/bubble tea, which was a super fun experience!

Group Picture at Tea Amo
Group Picture at Tea Amo

Finally, we ended the day at the Chicago Chicken and Waffle House, where we all enjoyed some comfort food, and some of us ordered dessert waffles! At the hotel, we finished up planning our activities for the next day and reflected on what occurred to us today and how we could improve/what we were looking forward to tomorrow.

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