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What an Adventure!

The day started out with us being awfully late to the airport. Being the Bay Area, there was always some traffic, but never gridlock as it was on the way to SFO. I kept checking my phone throughout the drive and the time kept getting closer and closer to the final check in time. 5 minutes before the check in closed, I reached the airport and sprinted out of the car with my luggage. Thanks to an amazing United employee I managed to check in my luggage with 2 minutes to spare. After security, I thought I had a little time to browse the stores around me. Then I went to the gate and realized I was the last person to get on board the flight, which was more embarrassing than anything. However, we stayed on the ground for 10 more minutes. Then 20. Then 30. Finally, after an announcement from the pilot, we were in the air. The pilot hoped that we could make up the time in the air, so while I only had a 51 minute layover in Newark, I believed that I would be able to still make it. Thankfully, we did make up the time! But then as we approached Newark, our pilot said that we would be put into a holding pattern. So I watched from the air as we passed over Newark, again and again. I connected to the wifi to give updates to everyone who was at Newark, only to find out that both Raheida and Alyssa were still stuck in Detroit, and Arthi was rushing through the airport to make her connection from Newark to Mumbai. I still held out hope that I may make the flight, boarding didn’t close till 8:00 and there was still some time left, and there were quite a few people on my flight who also needed to make this connection. But when I landed, I got a text saying that the flight to Mumbai had closed to boarding. I ran across the terminal to the gate, only to find out that I had missed it by 15 minutes. I went to the United customer service line, and after a long phone call and 1.5 hours of waiting, I was given a voucher for a hotel in Newark and 20 dollars for food (s/o to United), a cool water bottle filled with toiletries, and rebooked flight to Frankfurt where I planned to meet Raheida and Alyssa. So I got a huge hoard of food and prepared to set up shop for the night in Newark. I had to check out at 1pm the next day, but since my flight wasn’t till 8pm, I chilled in a park across the street from the hotel and read a book. Then I went to the airport and prepared to finish my sandwich, only to find that my water bottle (given by Untied) had spilled and made the sandwich a soppy mess. Then I found out that my gate had been changed. I went to the new gate and ordered a new lunch and waited there for about 3 hours. Then I found that the gate had been changed again. So I walked to the new location, since by then it was nearly time for boarding. Then they announced had been changed again. Back to the location that I had been at for the past 3 hours. Finally at the correct location, I thought boarding was about to happen, but then I found out the flight was delayed again by 1.5 hours. This time however it was fine because I had a 4 hour layover in Frankfurt. I met up with everyone in Frankfurt (safely and nicely mostly) and then we made it to Mumbai! We got a taxi and managed to make it to YWCA, where Aga and Arthi were waiting :) We all finally made it!

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