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Day One at BCA

It’s Monday which means it’s our first day at BCA and hopefully what will be a really fun week! It was very exciting to wake up in the morning not knowing what to expect but knowing that it will still be really fun. The food here is really good, even the oats that were somehow always perfectly made. It is also very warm today (somewhere in the 100s) so it will be interesting trying to adjust to it. After a very filling breakfast, we rode in a bus to the school where we were greeted with the most heartwarming welcome. The students and teachers were all very hospitable and very kind. It was also amazing to see how much respect the students had for us, for their teachers and their interest in what we were presenting today. We did a really fun icebreaker activity called the human knot and then the students worked on the bottle rockets activity. It was really fun to see that creative solutions every student came up with and I realized I was already learning so much from them.

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