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Goodbye COB

It felt weird waking up today, and not preparing for the day's activities at the school. We leisurely ate our breakfast, and talked about all of the funny and inspiring moments of the camp. We reminisced on the energy levels of the kids as they built their projects, the Marathi and rangoli lessons from the teachers, and of course the games of cricket, volleyball, and boxing. After breakfast we got to go across the street the director's bungalow for a quick tour. His house was guarded by a security officer 24/7, and as we entered the grounds we could see why. The lawn was perfectly cut with fountains, and in the yard was a pen full of rabbits and a tree house for the director's kids. We toured the inside of the house to find rooms with fancy, yet comfortable furniture, a dining hall with china and glass covering the walls, and our personal favorites, swings that could fit mattresses. As usual we were pampered, and as we were swinging on the terrace, they delivered us juice

Our group on day one at our bungalow

We walked back to our bungalow, and packed up all of our stuff for the trip back to Mumbai. We said goodbye to some of the teachers, Yoga Sir, and our lovely staff. Our driver expertly weaved in and out of traffic as he drove us back to the Pune Train Station. We said our final goodbyes to the driver and Madame Bharati, and started the 4 hour ride to Mumbai. We met Athi’s Aunt at the train station, and she helped us ordering taxis all while videotaping our arrival. We piled into the hostel, and checked in before eating a quick dinner, but what we were all most excited for was the wifi. After 6 days with no wifi the first 30 minutes at the hostel consisted of checking emails, facebook statuses, text messages, and facetiming family. An early bed time was welcomed as we start to prepare for the hectic days of the travel ahead.

Low quality pic, with a high quality lady (Arthi's Aunt).

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