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We Arrived!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Well we made it!! Very late last night our group arrived in Mumbai after traveling for 24+ hours. Determined to beat jet-lag our group woke up early this morning to get the day started and explore the city. The day started out with a nice breakfast made by the hostel we are staying at followed by finding a way to exchange our money, which ended up being a bit more difficult than we were intending. After taking care the necessities, we started to wonder. The streets were full of little booths to buy all sorts of things as well as shops on every corner. We had some fun picking out various fun styled pants! Eventually we found the Gateway of India. It was so grand and beautiful. This was the first time we had our own personal photo shoot with the various locals-- including one of our members (Brooke) being asked to hold a baby! While today was hot and tiring it was wonderful and filled with new experiences. We cannot wait to see what else lies ahead.

One of the many stores we shopped in!

Brooke and the baby handed to her :)

The entire group at the Gateway of India

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