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Exploring Lindblom

Hello again from Chicago!

Today was the second day of us working with students at Lindblom Math and Science Academy. Once again, our day started bright and early at 6 am, but this time we left the hotel early enough to make the bus! We took the bus down a ways, then had to get off to transfer. While waiting at the stop, a bus came but it looked full, so we all decided to wait for the next one. Unfortunately, the next one that came was also really full, so we all squeezed onto it Bursley-Baits style. We all have experience with that.

At the school, today was a flex day that consisted of seminars for seniors and other students. We talked to several groups of seniors about college life, and then opened the floor up for discussion. I was really surprised at some of the questions we got asked, but we handled them accordingly. As for outreach activities, we did a LEAN manufacturing activity with some of the students after a brief Q&A session. Although we misjudged the amount of time the activity would take so only one team finished, the students still learned some valuable ideas about the manufacturing and assembly line processes.

The coolest part of the day was getting to talk to an admitted student to U of M Engineering. He wants to go into MechE and we had a super long conversation about Michigan, ME requirements, and possibly doing a EE minor. He's even coming to campus next week during Region H! We also got to present to the robotics team about funding and sponsorship opportunities. Then the team showed off their robot and workspace and Maya nearly went to MechE heaven hearing about all the aspects of the robot and how it is built. It really brought me back to my FRC days. I wish Team 1781 well this season!

We ended today by getting dinner with SHPE and NSBE at a restaurant and swapping stories about our ASB experiences. For now, I've gotta go make myself a lunch and get to bed. See you tomorrow!

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