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Travel Adventures in Chicago!

Hey from Chicago!!!!!!

Today started off in Ann Arbor. I was picked up on North Campus by a SWE member and her dad who were kind enough to pick us up and drive us to the Greyhound bus station. We boarded the bus at 9 AM; unfortunately, we were not able to sit together because there were already people on the bus when we boarded. The trip, however, was quick. At 2:15 central time, we arrived in Chicago!!! Once here, we walked from the bus station to the train station. We bought our train tickets ahead of time, and they were sent to us in the mail. When we got to the station, however, the tickets were not working! We tried calling customer service, but since it is Sunday, they did not pick up. The station workers were kind enough to let us through after watching us struggle for a couple of minutes. We took the train to a stop where we were supposed to catch a bus with our passes. Since these were not working, a couple of us downloaded Lyft and thankfully we were able to get to the hotel! We are staying at the Chicago South Loop Hotel. We walked into the lobby and we found out that we only had 3 rooms for 10 people (we were expecting 5 rooms)! We are grateful that the situation was cleared and we got 2 extra rooms. After chilling in our rooms for a little bit, the entire group took a Lyft to the Willis Tower! It is the tallest building in Chicago, and it was so much fun to go the top and see the city at night. We got so many great pictures. After that, we went to dinner in Chinatown at MingHin (I ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken with white rice). A member of the SWE professional section came to dinner with us; she was lovely and we had the opportunity to ask her about her career. After dinner, a couple of the girls wanted bubble tea, so we walked down the street and they ordered their tea. We walked a mile home through Chinatown, which was super neat! I am very excited for tomorrow (and tired!).

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