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A Day at the Caves

Today was a day full of adventures. If there is one thing to do when you come to Aurangabad it would definitely to visit the Ajanta and Ellora caves. We visited the man made Ajanta Caves which are a group of 30 Buddhist rock cut Buddhist cave monuments. . The caves date back to 2nd century BC. We had an early start since the caves were two and an half hours away from Aurangabad. We got breakfast at the hotel and got packed lunch boxes for the way.

When we got there, we hiked up to the middle of the mountain where the scriptures were carved. When we finally reached the caves we were all impressed by the amazing wall paintings and how beautifully they were carved. They weren’t any ordinary caves like we expected them to be. We saw a Buddhist Stupa and some beautiful paintings of Siddhartha. Since we had a train to catch in Aurangabad, we couldn’t see all the caves. After learning about Buddhism and taking pictures, we left for Aurangabad.

Our driver drove us to the train station where we got snacks for our train ride. Our train was a bit delayed and we only had about 10 minutes to board the train which was a little stressful. We somehow managed to board the train and find our seats. The rest of the train ride was pretty relaxing.

When we reached Mumbai, after like 7 hours, our driver picked us up and drove us to YWCA, the place we stayed at on our first day in Mumbai. Overall, a nice place to return to after a day at the caves.

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