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Walchandnagar Day 6: Last Day in Walchandnagar

We started our day with learning how to wrap sarees with the teachers from the school. They came over to the guesthouse to help us, and we took plenty of photos once we were dressed. After getting dressed in our own clothes again, we went on a factory tour of Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. We were met by some of the female engineers that work there and were given a tour while most of the workers were on their lunch break. There was a lot to see; plenty of metal forming and welding, as well as different processes for heat treatment. We then had lunch and a small break before heading back to the school for the final ceremony. Some of the students from B.C.A. read aloud a review of their experiences from the week, and everyone in SWE was able to talk about the week as well. I still can’t quite believe the camp is over, after all of the time spent preparing and the long days at the school. I will miss all of the students and the enthusiasm they bring to all aspects of learning, as well as the teachers, staff and other community members in Walchandnagar that made our stay so welcoming and wonderful. Saying goodbye to all of the students was difficult after getting to know them so well throughout the week. After the ceremony, we went on a quick bus tour of the rest of Walchandnagar. We got to see some of the company housing for the workers, as well as a park. We also went for a walk after dinner to the cricket pitch. Even though it was starting to get dark, some of the standard 10 boys that were playing recognized us and came over to say goodbye to us one last time. They also had a present for us; a small welcome statue. It was so nice of them to find us once more for one final goodbye, and I am so sad to be leaving Walchandnagar after meeting so many people and making so many friends here.

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