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Walchandnagar Day 4 – Pizza Box Circuits and Rangoli!

This morning we had our last yoga session before breakfast, and I found that it was getting easier to do the breathing exercises! After breakfast, we went to the school and set up the activities for the day. The activities were Pizza Box Circuits, Lego Mindstorms, and Scratch. Since Becca and I organized the circuits activity, that is the one that I worked with all day. We taught the students about electrical engineering and reviewed basic circuit concepts. The students split into 3 large groups that rotated between activities. For the circuits activity, we explained the four circuit challenges and had the students create circuit diagrams. Since most of the students had previously learned about circuits in school, they quickly understood how to draw the circuits. They then were able to build their circuits on cardboard using fasteners, paperclips, LED diodes, and a battery. The students told me that this project was challenging and exciting because they were able to get hands on experience making circuits. The students did a very good job, and it was awesome how enthusiastic and excited they were to complete their circuits. During the students lunch break, we all split up and sat with the students. I was in a group with Michaella, and the students wanted us to try various foods that they had brought with them. They asked us about cars in the US, our favorite US cities, and even taught us some Marathi! They also told us that laughing for 10 minutes will increase your life by 3 minutes, and then we all laughed as a group! It is so much fun to learn from the students. During the teacher interaction, Kathy presented about Lean In Circles and we got into small groups to discuss safety in schools and mental health. In my group, I found it interesting that the safety protocols and counseling at BCA is very similar to that in the US. The principal then presented about BCA, and I thought it was so cool that our summer camp from last year made it into the presentation! The teachers then took us outside to teach us rangoli. It was amazing to watch the teachers make perfect flowers and shapes, and it was fun trying to make rangoli flowers!

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