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Journey to Walchandnagar!

Today was mostly a travel day between Mumbai and Walchandnagar where the school is that we will be teaching engineering outreach starting tomorrow. Before leaving Mumbai we made a quick stop at McDonalds. It was a little disappointing that there was only the items from their breakfast menu available until 11am. However, Becca was a trend-setter and initiated the McFlurry run since while they weren’t making burgers and fries yet, they were indeed selling ice cream! Then it was off to the bus where we would be for the 7.5 hour journey (including two bathroom/stretch breaks). The first bathroom break included many participants’ first squatty-potty experience! The bus ride was full of naps, conversation, group sing-alongs, and fun (including some entertaining billboards). We had the opportunity to drive through many towns and country-sides. It was enlightening to see how much living accommodations seemed to vary by area. We were driving through mountainside and along the water at various points in our journey and had the opportunity to see more of the beauty that India has.

Once we arrived in Walchandnagar, we were warmly welcomed by various members of the Walchandnagar community. They made us all individual flower bouquets as we arrived in the guest houses. Then we had some time to settle in before dinner and a meeting with the principal and a few teachers to go over the plan of the week. Hopefully we all will be able to get some sleep tonight, I am sure everyone is as excited as I am about meeting the kids and teachers as we begin our week of teaching engineering outreach to the ~80 middle-high school students.

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