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May 21: Agra --> Delhi

I cannot believe that today was the last day, but it was by far one of the most memorable. Today begin very early as we left the hotel around 5am to drive to the Taj Mahal. We had to leave so early in order to ensure nice weather and lighting for our new FaceBook profile pictures. Yesterday we saw the Taj Mahal from afar, but it was it was extraordinary up close. The size and detailing alone was memorizing and the story behind it was quite touching. We all enjoyed our early morning at the Taj and hoped our future husbands would build something equal in size as our tombs.

After the Taj we headed back to the hotel to pack up our things and eat our last Indian breakfast. Soon we were back on the road heading to Delhi, the nation's capital. Except, the cord we used yesterday to play music off of our phones had mysteriously disappeared. We assumed it was because the bus driver was not a fan of American pop music or our singing. But the bus ride was not too long in comparison to the other days and before we knew it we were in Delhi.

Our first activity in Delhi was rickshaw rides. I did not know what to expect, but I heard that this was going to be a thrilling experience. I am still amazed how our rickshaw drivers could navigate down the smallest of alleyways through people, cars, stray cows, etc. with ease and pedal the rickshaw in the extreme heat. Halfway through the ride we were also able to stop at a spice market and pick up some tea, spices, nuts, etc.

Our second activity in Delhi was visiting one of the largest Sikh temples around the world. The temple was gorgeous but the highlight of this temple was its kitchen. They gave clean water and served thousands of meals a day to anyone who stopped by no matter their religion, income, citizenship, etc. It was heartwarming to see this form of great charity.

Our very last activity was a classical music concert. To say the least, it was not anyone's favorite part of the trip but it was relaxing and interesting to learn about musical instruments from across the globe.

Then we grabbed dinner and off to the airport we went. Within a few hours we would be out of the country and on our way home. Today and the trip was full of memories, the good and the bad, that we will carry with us the rest of the life. I have enjoyed the trip and all of the work leading up to this trip, and I hope I can continue this next year and return with SWE.

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