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May 18: Second Day of Udaipur!

Today started off at 8:30am with a delicious buffet breakfast supplied by the Trident hotel. The buffet consisted of an amazing Indian breakfast selection as well as a few American options as well. My favorite part of the meal was the fresh mangos!

At 10am we expected to be in the lobby for our first official day of touring with our tour guide Dependra! We started the tour off at the Udaipur City Palace, a gorgeous palace complete with crystal light fixtures and Indian antique furniture. The palace was beautiful, and everyone enjoyed looking around and taking a ton of pictures of course!

After the City Palace, the group was super hungry so we headed to a restaurant that served all you can eat food Indian style. This restaurant gave you a huge plate with different sections for all the different types of food that were to be placed there. The food consisted of a couple curry dishes, lentils, chapatti, rice, and this yellow dessert that a lot of the group couldn’t get enough of (good thing it was all you can eat!)

A boat ride around Udaipur was next on the itinerary. The boat drove us around the Udaipur lake Pichola. The lake was so pretty! We took a lot of pictures, and even got to take a detour to see a historic hotel that was built right on the lake.

The tour guide gave us an option to see a traditional Indian dance show later that night. We decided to take him up on the offer, but we had a little bit of time in-between the boat ride and the start time of the show so we went shopping. Udaipur is famous for its art, so we were taken to a store that sells silk paintings among other things. Almost everyone in the group bought some paintings from this store, and I was happy to bargain down the price of the silk paintings I bought!

In order to get to the Indian dance show, we had to walk through the entire city of Udaipur. This walking trip was pretty extensive. Since the city had no sidewalks, our group became a part of rush hour traffic alongside cars and scooters. Although the walk was pretty terrifying, we finally made it to the show. It was definitely well worth the walk. We got to see many acts including traditional dance and puppet shows.

After another long walk to the bus, we drove back to the hotel and ate dinner there. After dinner, some of the group swam in the hotel pool, and others hung out in their hotel rooms to get ready for the next day of touring.

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