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Yoga Empowered Day

Today we were invited to participate in yoga! We got to the school at 7:30 A.M. and we were led by one of the teachers. He showed us many forms and techniques: poses that helped prevent back aches, movements that helped stomach pains, and methods to relax your body. After a refreshing session, the teacher graciously gave us books on eastern medicine – which includes a great number of yoga passages.

After yoga, we were able to go back to eat breakfast. Then, we went to the school to start another day of outreach activities! Our first activity was penny batteries. Using zinc washers, vinegar-soaked coffee filters, and pennies, students were able to connect LEDs to this battery and light them up! Once students had lit LEDS, they asked for the science behind the batteries. We explained the oxidation-reduction reaction that happened between the zinc and copper.

Next, we had the students build the Lego Mindstorms robots. They used the pictorial directions to build the main body and sensors. The students were able to successfully build the robots and run a simple program. After the robots, we had a nice session with the girls in the camp. We discussed the issues women faced in science and engineering fields – particularly the women in India. We asked the girls how they viewed themselves, and if they are going to pursue STEM careers.

The last part of our day we were introduced to Rangoli! We attempted to mimic the teacher’s technique, but we fell a little short. We were also given pretty flowers to wear in our hair the next day! We can’t wait to wear them!

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