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Adulting 101 With Christi Lukasiak

Last Thursday, February 25th, 2021, SWE members got the chance to meet Christi Lukasiak from Dance Moms! A special thanks to Eva Mason, Student Coordinator and Alumni Officer, for coordinating this exciting event. Brittney Honeycutt and Mykel Dolinksi, Corporate and Alumni Relations Co-Directors, answered a few questions about the evening.

What is the Adulting 101 event with Christi Lukasiak?

Adulting 101 with Christi Lukasiak was an event where Christi shared her struggles with self-confidence and getting through college, and how she grew from them. She shared that she runs a program that teaches everyday life skills that are essential to growing older but may have not been taught when we were younger. Of course, she then told us the inside scoop on Dance Moms!

What were the highlights of the event?

I think most people’s favorite part was when she told us about what went down behind the scenes of Dance Moms and answered questions that fans have been dying to know. But having Christi speak about her struggle to get to where she is today was valuable in showing people that their past doesn’t define them!

What were your favorite words of wisdom from Christi?

I really enjoyed when Christi said, “When you’re independent, you’re self-confident because you don’t need anyone’s support to live.” A lot of people struggle with self-confidence, so hearing that statement was really comforting!

Do you have any ideas for similar events in the future?

We would love to continue to have interesting people host events. Being completely virtual this semester, we were able to host more events due to our budget not being used. We’ll definitely be passing on ideas to next year’s CAR directors!

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