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"I love your curiosity, but..."

Today we started our morning playing cricket with some of the 10 and 12 standard girls at BCA. After a quick practice round we had time for each side to play an inning. Captain Brooke carried the team to victory scoring 23 of our 37 runs. Shout out to Erika and Indu for the two catches of the game!

BCA and U of M ladies post-cricket match

After returning home, we started the Lending a Hand lesson as well as the third day of Lego Mindstorms. Lending a Hand went very well, the kids were able to lift a cup and pour dirt. They seemed enthusiastic to keep working and show their friends what they had done. The Mindstorms lesson went more smoothly than past lessons, many of the kids were able to complete the task of moving forward, utilizing the touch sensor, reversing and spinning around. We did encounter a few difficulties at the end when a couple of the robots’ batteries started to die.

A few of the girls working on the lending a hand activity

During teacher interaction the BCA teachers gave a presentation on scientific evolution in India, followed by a factory tour of Walchandnagar Industries. The tour started off well, many of us were interested in learning about what Walchandnagar manufactures. However, after the first hour, most of us had run out of water and were starting to get delirious from the heat in the factory. By the time it had ended, we appreciated the level of detail that the tour guide wanted to convey, but many of us were bordering on overheating. Overall I can’t believe that the time has flown by so fast. Tomorrow is our last day with the kids and I’m not sure we’re ready to say goodbye.

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